Prinect PDF Toolbox 2016(PDF插件) v16.0.35 绿色中文版
Prinect PD

Prinect PDF Toolbox 2016(PDF插件) v16.0.35 绿色中文版 印前设计必装的三大插件之一

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  Prinect PDF Toolbox 2016绿色中文版是印前设计必装的三大Adobe Acrobat PDF插件之一,特别是Prinect PDF Toolbox插件中的组装页面、尺寸控制、陷印编辑器对于印前工作者非常有用。Prinect PDF Toolbox 2016 支持Acrobat 9.0/10.0/11.0/以及目前最新的Acrobat DC版。


Prinect PDF Toolbox 2016


  Prinect PDF Toolbox插件特性:

  PDF Assistant.

  Professional tool for detecting errors and PDF document preparation for printing. In the production of packaging can import data CFF2, for example, to check the cutting contours.

  Color Editor.

  Color management tools for color matching on different carriers.

  Coating Editor.

  Improves quality of work with lacquering, varnishing creates forms and a variety of finishes.

  Barcode Editor.

  Generate bar codes in the PDF-document, exports Codes

  Trap Editor.

  The program for the trapping of objects of any complexity

  Imposition Editor.

  The basic version of the imposition, for up to 8-page notebooks

  Object Editor.

  Tool to display properties of objects, creating graphics to PDF.

  Screening Selector.

  Assigns individual objects raster PDF to Prinect Renderer and MetaDimension Object Screening.

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